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Winning on Sticky Bonuses

Essentially, these are just Phantom Bonuses that enable the player to play the bonus balance over and over until it is gone. Even though the bonus funds can never be cashed, they can turn into a playable balance, multiple times, that can. These bonuses often come with maximum wager restrictions because the player could otherwise use that sticking bonus to make huge bets in an effort to score multiple huge cashouts. For that reason, these bonuses are pretty rare. I think at one point the casinos thought that these bonuses couldn’t hurt them because the player would not be able to actually withdraw the bonus funds. While it’s true the player can’t, he can use them to create multiple withdrawals.

The EV of one of these is much better than a Phantom Bonus because, with a Phantom Bonus, you’re using the bonus funds on a one-time basis on the front end as opposed to using them multiple times on the backend, as you can with a Sticky Bonus. Again, casinos have essentially got rid of Sticky Bonuses, or made it so that the bonus is removed as soon as the player makes a withdrawal.

If you have made a withdrawal and still have Bonus Funds left, just know that you’re probably not going to grind you way into a sizable enough profit for a withdrawal. Your best bet to get yourself another meaningful withdrawal is to bet big, play a high variance game, or best yet, play big ON a high Variance game! Either way, these would be some of my favorite bonuses if they were still around, but alas, they are not. If you happen to run across one, I’d really appreciate you letting me know.

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